What is “Craic”?

Visitors to the Emerald Isle or even patrons of Irish pubs lo­cated outside Ireland may rec­ognize the term “craic.” The word can be confusing to peo­ple unfamiliar with Ireland, but upon learn­ing its meaning people tend to embrace it. According to IrishCentral.com, “craic” is an Irish term that refers to the atmosphere and fun on a night out. When someone asks, “How was the craic?”, they’re essentially inquiring if a night out on the town was a good time, and just how good it was. Craic also may be a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation. Even social butterflies familiar with craic may be surprised to learn that there are varying degrees of craic.

• Minus craic: This refers to a bad night out.

• Good craic: This refers to a fun night out but not one that was especially memorable.

• Mighty craic: Someone might have done something extraordinary, but this is by no means the most outrageous level of craic.

• Savage craic: A night of savage craic might have been dominated by flow­ing pints, funny jokes and an overall great night out for all involved.

• Deadly craic: Turn savage craic up a notch and you have deadly craic.

• The craic was ninety: A perfect, fun and amazing night was had by all.

Everyone involved will almost certainly remember the night “the craic was ninety” forever. Oddly enough, IrishCentral.com notes that no one remembers just how “ninety” made its way into the phrase, thought it might have had something to do with a Christy Moore song.Of course, as any reveler knows, not all nights out go as planned. When a night out doesn’t go well, it’s safe to say it was ‘minus craic.’

Have a “ninety craic” at one of these hotspots:

a) 37 Main-212 Spring St., Gainesville, GA 30501

b) Branch House Tavern, 5466 McEver Rd. Flowery Branch, GA 30542

c) The Lounge at Scott’s, 131 Bradford St NW, Gainesville, GA 30501

d) Paddy’s Irish Pub, 100 Tour De France Dr, Braselton, GA 30517

e) Shenanigans, 87 North Chestatee Street, Dahlonega, GA 30533

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