How to Make the Most of Kids’ First Fishing Trips

Fishing provides a great way for parents to bond with their children in the great outdoors. The value of first impressions has been well-documented, and parents who want their kids to inherit a love of fishing can take the following factors into consideration so their youngsters’ first fishing trips are successful.


Fishing need not be an expensive hobby, but the costs can add up. Parents who are not sure if their kids will embrace fishing should investigate local programs. Many towns, especially those with reputations for fishing, host free family fishing events. These events give parents an opportunity to see if their kids enjoy fishing before they start buying them gear. Starting simple Any fisherman would love to snag a trophy fish such as a largemouth bass on his or her first trip. And while that is possible, it is unlikely, especially for youngsters. Such fish tend to be difficult to catch, even for seasoned fishermen. When taking kids fishing for the first time, fish for something that is somewhat simple to catch and capable of being caught throughout the day. If you are not familiar with your local rivers or lakes, visit a local outdoors store and ask for advice about which local bodies of water are home to fish that kids might be able to snag. Though it is not imperative that kids catch a fish on their first trip, doing so might make them more enthusiastic about their next trip.


Do not make the day all about catching fish, as even the most seasoned fishermen have their off days when nothing is biting. If the focus is on catching fish, kids might grow discouraged and not want to come back if they do not catch anything on their first trip. Focus on the fun everyone is having rather than the fish they are (or are not) catching. Some youngsters might just be thrilled to spend a day out on the water with their parents. Encourage that enthusiasm and kids are more likely to remember their first fishing trips fondly.


Kids might not have a full day of fishing in them on their first trip. Frequent breaks to explore nearby nature, enjoy a snack or even toss a ball around can keep children from growing bored throughout the day.

Fishing is a family-friendly activity that youngsters can enjoy from the moment they first pick up a rod.

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