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Moore’s Wealth Management in Gainesville, Ga., is expanding its services and staff to offer a deeper commitment to clients. Scott Moore, President and Founder of Moore’s Wealth Management, will continue to guide the firm by providing meaningful insight and input for client investments. Partners Chris Moore, Chief Investment Officer; Brian Moore, Vice President of Business Development; and Mark Peterson, Vice President of Client Education, will aid Scott Moore. Advisor Isaac Pitt will serve as Investment Analyst and Trader.

Moores’s wealth managment expands staff, services to further client commitment

At the age of 30, Scott and his wife already had five children. Scott, a former computer engineer, knew how to make money but did not know how to secure his family’s financial future. Scott started reading books on how to invest and took part-time courses to learn more. He eventually left the computer industry and became a licensed insurance agent and mutual fund broker in Louisiana and Mississippi. “I realized that I couldn’t be the only dummy out here that doesn’t know about money,” said Scott.

Moore’s Wealth Management, founded in 2009 by Scott and his wife Carla, offers retirement planning for retirees and near-term retirees. The firm believes in a conservative investment approach by investing in what the firm believes are conservative investments and working towards obtaining non-conservative returns. The firm also offers services for estate planning, potential asset protection, 401K rollovers, and helping with wealth accumulation.

Since the firm’s founding, two of Scott’s sons and his only daughter have joined the firm. The idea of family business goes beyond Scott’s wife and children; two other employees are their own family — a father and son-in-law. “It’s always been our dream to have a family business our children could grow into,” said Scott.

The firm’s expansion of staff and services will help bring additional years of wisdom, experience, and opportunity to provide a deeper focus on technology and communication and maintain a relentless commitment to what the firm believes is unmatched client value. “Many clients have said our family structure was the key in their decision to hire us as their financial advisors,” Scott said.

Chris Moore will lead and monitor all investment activities and continue to serve as a financial advisor. Isaac Pitt will serve Chris and the firm’s clients. This will allow the firm to achieve a level of fiduciary service to the families they serve. Brian Moore will concentrate on helping existing and new clients benefit from all the services that Moore’s Wealth Management offers, and he will continue to serve as a financial advisor.

The firm believes that communication and education are important to all investors, especially retirees and near-term retirees. Mark Peterson provides educational courses to help investors develop plans for pre- and post-retirement. Through an educational process, he identifies critical factors that are necessary to make an informed financial decision. The firm will also help identify myths, misconceptions, and missing facts to help strengthen a client’s retirement plan. Moore’s Wealth Management’s primary goal is to help protect and potentially grow their clients’ assets and treat their clients like family. They work hard to achieve this objective every day while serving their clients out of three locations across North Georgia. “We’re proud to be a family-owned business and believe that the values we hold dear will continue to provide solutions and unmatched service for generations to come,” said Scott Moore. Advisory services offered through Moore’s Wealth Advisory, A Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC. Insurance products and services offered through Moore’s

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