Dream Weddings come to life with JB Jams

Story by Amber Tyner

“We started with nothing — just a love of what we wanted to do — and we’ve evolved, We always want to bring something new.”

Most residents of Gainesville know Judy Bradley and Sue Albright as the “female DJs in town,” but the two are quickly expanding that reputation. Bradley said their business, jB JAMS Entertainment & Events, has evolved into a “full service event company.” “We’re not just DJs anymore,” Albright said. “It’s a comprehensive service.”

The company, which is owned by both Albright and Bradley, launched in 1997 after Bradley moved to Northeast Georgia from New York. “I grew up in the ‘70s — in the disco — and I thought music, the DJ, was critical to an event,” Bradley said. “When I moved down here, I had the opportunity to work with another DJ company. He gave me my first start. I worked with this other company for about a year and we parted ways, and this was what I wanted to do.”

She said Albright was living in Pennsylvania at the time but helped with marketing for the company. “It was really in that beginning time Sue came for a visit, fell in love with it here and then moved down,” Bradley said. “The two of us didn’t know what we were doing.”

The business partners have certainly learned the trade since their start, though. JB JAMS now offers professional help with event planning, entertainment, lighting, themed decor and more. “We know the quality of what people need,” Albright said. “We can help find their needs and supply whatever they need for their event. If we don’t do it ourselves, we have great vendor partners.”

Their work speaks for itself. The co-owners recently received multiple awards for their efforts — Best of Hall 2020 for event entertainment and event planning as well as WeddingWire’s Couples Choice Award.  “I think what’s so special about those awards is they’re from our actual customers sharing their experiences,” Bradley said, mentioning the company has won the awards since they were established in 2017 and 2009, respectively.

Much like Best of Hall, Albright said the recognition from WeddingWire is based solely on feedback from clients. “It’s based on recommendations and feedback from actual clients, so we don’t have anything to do with submitting those reviews,” she said. “We have a five out of five star rating.” The two said weddings have become a specialty of jB JAMS throughout the years, from local affairs to destination venues. “Most all brides have that dream of what they want on their wedding day, and it’s our job to hear and take all the wishes of the bride, the groom and the family and then combine it with our experience,” Bradley said. “We tailor every event. If that bride wants to do the wedding backwards, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Albright said the company likes to emphasize the role of a DJ is not just about music anymore. “If nobody’s telling the guests what to do, you walk in and you’re uncomfortable,” she said. “Do we sit? Do we stand? Do we eat? Do we drink? Everybody’s looking at each other. We want to create that social atmosphere instead of people just walking in and sitting down, crossing their arms.”

Bradley also mentioned the unique advantage she and Albright bring as women in the business, such as their attention to detail. “Being women-owned when we started was so different, but it gave us such an edge,” she said. “The places that don’t offer any type of day-of facilitation, that’s where a company like ours really has a foot ahead of everybody else because our male comrades in the business, they don’t see that way.”

In addition to weddings, the two put just as much effort toward corporate events and other parties. “A lot of companies we’ve been serving for years, which is great because they keep coming back,” Albright said, mentioning they have planned events for HBO, Kubota and even the PGA Tour. “We’ve done some international grand openings, so the companies flying in their VIPs. We’ve had a couple from Finland, Switzerland and Germany.“ H

JB Jams won Best of Hall 2020

The two said they are always willing to travel, too. “We’ve traveled to Washington State,” Bradley said. “We’ve done events in Philadelphia, Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee. And of course North Georgia is our home base.” She said she’s especially enjoyed watching their business grow in the local area, including their recent relocation from Oak Street in Gainesville to Clarks Bridge Road near Lake Lanier.

“I think we were meant to be here,” she said about the new office. “It gave us a renewed energy. It’s just amazing to be part of this community.” And as for the future, the co-owners said they’re always evolving to stay up-to-date. “We started with nothing — just a love of what we wanted to do — and we’ve evolved,” Bradley said. “We always want to bring something new.”

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