Celebrate weddings & more with Scott’s Downtown

Story by Amber Tyner : Photos by Sarina Roth

When preparing for an event, Kay Dixon knows you should always give it a “365 degree look.” “If you’re going to do any event, whether it’s a wedding or class reunion or awards banquet, you have to have that 365 degree look at every aspect,” Kay, catering manager at Scott’s Downtown, said. “You have to look at it from the food, the beverage, the entry point when people come in, where they’re going to leave — every aspect.”

For the last 13 years, Scott’s Downtown has eagerly followed that mantra. The restaurant has been serving meals and providing catering to the Northeast Georgia area since 2007. “We’re an award-winning restaurant,” said Scott Dixon, owner and executive chef. “Our food and service are hallmarks.”

Scott’s Downtown, which is located on the corner of Bradford Street and Brenau Avenue in Gainesville, offers “casual fine dining” throughout the week. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Friday for lunch and Tuesday and through Saturday for dinner. “We like to do some traditional American-type food with ethnic influences, whether those be either Italian or Creole, Cajun or it could be a little bit of anything,” Scott said, mentioning the eatery recently won Best of Hall awards for best fine dining restaurant, best place to celebrate special occasions, best special events venue and more.

In addition to its regular business hours, Scott’s Downtown has become popular for catering a variety of events throughout the years, including weddings and rehearsal dinners, said Scott, “We’re available to cater offsite at any of the numerous venues that are around Northeast Georgia, whether they’re private homes or rented lake homes or any of the barns or those type of destination weddings,”

When it comes to the menu for those events, brides have an endless selection to meet their needs. “We have all of our standard menu options,” he said. “We’ve also got a very extensive catering menu that features some of the features that we have in the restaurant as well as some different options for appetizers or hors d’oeuvres or buffet-type items. Or, we can do something specific or custom. I’ve had somebody bring me their grandmother’s meatball recipe and we did spaghetti and meatballs for a wedding reception that they wanted to do. We’re pretty flexible.”

He said Scott’s Downtown can also host a variety of events in-house, both in the restaurant and in its space upstairs known as The Loft. “The Loft is 10,000 square feet in its entirety, and we can configure that space for whatever the guests’ needs are,” Scott said. “We’ve done numerous where we basically cut it in half and we set up a ceremony on one side and then a reception on the other and transition between the two. We can do plated wedding reception dinners, buffets, passed appetizers (or) interactive stations with chef manned sites as well. So really a little bit of everything that someone could want.” He said

The Loft can be rented for eight hours at a time on any day of the week. “That’s the standard rental for the loft,” he said about the timeframe. “That gives them time if they need to come in earlier in the day — do any kind of decor or setting up that they want to do — and that includes their event time and the breakdown time. And of course we can extend those on either end if they need more time. Typically, we have that flexibility to be able to accommodate them.”

He said one of the best benefits of choosing Scott’s Downtown is the service Kay provides to the brides. “Kay handles all of our catering and events,” he said. “There’s no better person to work with than her to take care of all of the details of your event. She can take and lead you from start to finish and make it so much easier. One of the things we hear repeatedly for any type of event we do but especially for weddings and rehearsal dinners is that she just made it so easy and so stress free.”

Kay said she likes to call the restaurant a “one-stop shop” for brides. “You don’t have to shop for your alcohol services, you don’t have to shop for your caterer, you don’t have to shop for your venue,” she said. “I have referrals for DJs and musicians, or in-house musicians play a lot for some events upstairs. I work with vendors for the linens. I work with vendors for the florist and the bakeries. And I help coordinate all that. I don’t mind talking with vendors and scheduling times for them to come in and work with them on getting drop off and set up.”

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