Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

It’s definitely a buyer’s market these days, but some houses simply don’t sell as fast. So, what’s the difference? According to Keller-Williams/Lanier Partners’ Teresa Smith, it’s all about first impressions.
“First impressions are lasting,” says the Realtor who specializes in lake properties. “If the potential buyer isn’t impressed when they open your front door, you’ve lost a sale. Wow them from the beginning.”
For instance, she suggests that you take a critical look at your home as you seek to make it more sale-able. “Remove the emotion from the scenario, because this is going to be a business transaction,” she says. “Be willing to be hyper-critical about how the home will look to a stranger. Is it cluttered? Is the flooring out of style? Is the color palette out of date? Do you still have laminate countertops? Are your bathrooms stuck in the last decade?
“When buyers open the front door and see your home for the first time, you want them to feel at home,” she says. “Fresh paint, carpet and shiny hardwood floors evoke this feeling.  “
Here are some quick tips that Smith offers when she’s preparing to list a home for sale:
Freshen your interior paint — select a soft color and use it throughout. Light grays and shade of white are popular now. Plus new paint will give your home a brand-new, fresh and clean smell and it’s not that expensive to repaint.
Add splashes of color; over the mantel, in the kitchen, fresh flowers on the dining room table, a simple throw on the sofa.
Remove all of the clutter. If you are planning to move soon, start packing. Make three piles … pack, donate and trash. You’ll feel more organized and buyers will be able to ‘see’ their furnishings in your home.
Replace out-of-date — think gold — door knobs, plumbing fixtures and light fixtures. Box retailers offer inexpensive choices that can be easy to switch out.
If changing expensive items are not an option, give an allowance. Samples of carpet and granite/stone help people envision what your home could be. Consider having samples and bids in place.
Consider staging if you have already moved. Professional stagers can create a modern look and make your home more inviting to potential buyers.“Be ready to go on the market with a bang,” Smith says. “All parties involved will be happy including you. And remember that your home is one of your greatest investments. Being prepared and ready will give you the largest return on your investment.”
To reach Smith, call 678-318-5026.

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