How to warm up your interior décor during the colder winter months

Do you sometimes feel a little down after all of the holiday parties, celebrating and visiting with family and friends are over? Along with taking down the Christmas tree and decorations comes the cold, dreary winter weather. What can you do to keep the blues at bay? Here are 5 ideas to warm up your home until spring arrives:
1. Lighting —  A well-lit home feels inviting and warm. Especially this time of year when the daylight hours are short, it is important to consider appropriate lighting for each of the areas of your home. I prefer to set some lamps on timers so that they are on to welcome me home on a cold, dark evening. Add table lamps and floor lamps to make a room more appealing and provide adequate light for reading. With all of the new energy efficient bulbs available today, you don’t have to worry about being impractical. Place an accent lamp on a book shelf or in a dark corner. Consider adding dimmer switches to overhead fixtures so you can control the intensity of light.
2. Fresh Flowers  —  Spoil yourself with some fresh cut stems or live greenery!  Nothing brings a breath of life to a drab wintry day better than elements of nature. Fresh flowers can be purchased year round at many different locations.  Take advantage of this, and keep some arrangements around your home.
3. Area Rugs — If your home is covered with hardwood and tile flooring, this can feel rather cold and austere in the winter months. Room-size area rugs in your family room, bedroom and dining room create a welcoming feel and provide warmth and softness underfoot. An area rug can be a very important element to “anchoring” a room’s décor and color scheme as well.
4. Window Treatments — Shades, shutters and other “hard” window treatments can offer varying degrees of insulating protection for chilly drafts. Also consider adding the more decorative “soft” window treatments made of fabrics, such as floor to ceiling drapery panels to gently frame a window, absorb sound, and complete a room. Custom window treatments are an important design element for completing a room. Bare windows can feel cold and uninviting.
5. Color —  Add some fresh pops of your favorite color throughout your home. This can be accomplished by introducing accent pillows, artwork, a decorative throw blanket or other quirky accessories. Particularly if you lean toward a neutral color scheme, it is important to add some color accents to keep your interiors feeling fresh and alive.
6. What’s Ahead — The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is a hue called “Greenery.” Look for this bright, fresh spring- like color in the coming months to make quite an entrance.  This color evokes feelings of freshness, vitality, health and nature. It’s not too early to think about adding some accents of this color in your home. One of the best ways to create an inviting interior environment is to add elements of nature.

aht-publicity-photoThese are just a handful of quick ideas you can implement to help you create a home you “love to live!” I hope you find your home to be a welcoming winter haven.
Love Where You Live!
Allison Havill Todd is President and Director of Design of Alpharetta-based AHT Interiors,

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